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Playground Construction Services and Playground Equipment in Orange County, CA


Playground Construction Services in Orange, California

Bring joy to kids and adults alike with our shade structures and playground construction services in Orange, California. It's important for children and adults to find ways to get out of the house for a while and connect with others in the community. With a new playground, you help encourage socialization and exercise.

Playground Installation
ORTCO, Inc. is certified through Miracle Recreation®, Playworld Systems®, and GameTime® to install playground systems. Whether you need them for your school, park, or apartment complex, we construct complete systems made of metal and plastic. They come with slides, swings, and other fun features.

Shade Structures
Get out of the sun and under our custom shade structures. Our structures are made from cloth or steel roofs. We also install them to cover the playstructures to protect the children and equipment from harmful UV rays.  They are prefabricated and installed on a permanent basis. We offer complete construction and offer all types of colors, shapes, sizes, and customizations.  We are authorized installers of Poligon, Parosal, Custom Canopies and USA Shades.

Swings, Shade Structures in Orange, CA

Pour-in-Place Surfacing
The children will love our special surfacing that comes in many styles and colors. We specialize in using SpectraTurf®, that comes in different colors, patterns, and textures. This surfacing is safe for children and easy to maintain. Our surfacing comes in appropriate sizes and covers concrete, asphalt, or compacted base.

Splash Pads
It's time for wet and watery fun with Vortex Splashpads. We offer above-ground water play.  They come in very unique styles and design layouts. Both kids and adults will enjoy our pads. Add some fun in the sun with these special play place areas.

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